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About RedWIM

What is the RedWIM network?

It´s a meeting, reflection and ideas exchange point between women and men, who work on and study gender, leadership and women in management development related issues; and who intend to promote equity in gender relations in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

Organizational Profile

During March 1997, twenty-five executive women in management from 17 different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean had the opportunity to attend a management skills intensive training program (Women in Management – WIM), sponsored by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA, for its acronym in Swedish) at the University of Luleå – Sweden.

As a result of that program, the participants of WIM ’97, gathered in Lima, Perú on January 1998, committed to the idea of continuing sharing professional experiences, spreading the knowledge they acquired among women of their countries and encouraging the participation on women in the development of the countries in the region.

For over 20 years, we have been carrying out activities and projects to empower executive women in the academic, public and private sectors from LAC countries, and today we are a source of reference and consultation on issues related to gender equality and women’s autonomy.
On the other hand, significant progress has been made in relation to the use and transfer of knowledge by means of virtual exchange, the application of several methodologies for the main events, and activities carried out by the RedWIM network, such as evaluation research, surveys, training courses on gender-related matters with prestigious academic institutions (FLACSO, PRIGEPP, CLEAR, EVALPARTNERS) , and the presence of RedWIM representatives in several national, regional and international conferences, among others.


To become a renowned reference point for Latin America and the Caribbean to coordinate, facilitate and implement measures with a gender-based perspective in organizational management.

  • Knowledge is developed by systematizing experiences and carrying out research to help improve organizational management with a gender-based perspective.
  • The network is strengthened through institutional partnerships, product generation and self-generation of funds, as well as,  higher, more active member participation.

Our vision is based on:

  • The regional nature of the network. Latin American and the Caribbean.
  • The voluntary nature of member cooperation.
  • The high profile of its members, with professional experience and knowledge of gender issues from different perspectives and social sectors.
  • Know-how about networks and networking.
  • The network is a pioneering project, outside the scope of government cooperation, and a model for other networks.
  • Goals and strategies agreed upon by a management team of highly professional women from different countries in the region, with a broad background and experience in gender equality.
  • Flexible, adaptable and inclusive organization.
  • Our monthly Newsletter reaches more than 6,000 readers.
  • Over 2,000 people interact on our Facebook page.
  • Our e-learning program has reached more than 450 women and men from 25 countries in the region.


  • Carry out activities to promote the development of Latin American and Caribbean women in organizational management.
  • Align interests and encourage women participation in decision-making positions.


  • Website and social media (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn) with continuous, updated information about events organized by RedWIM and/or other institutions.
  • Bimonthly Newsletter containing regional information.
  • Regional webinars with a gender perspective (during 2016-2018, 19 videoconferences were held with approximately 60,000 views in Latin America).
  • Training seminars and workshops.
  • International training events.
  • Research projects.
  • Bibliographical material bank.
  • Links to NGOs and institutions working with women-related matters.
  • Call for projects and scholarships.
  • Training for micro-entrepreneurs.
  • Training in gender-based evaluation.
  • E-learning training.
  • Discussion forums.


RedWIM Members

The Latin American and Caribbean Women’s Network is made up of women that took part in the “Women in Management” program (1997-2004), and participants in virtual regional seminars (PROGEO), along with two honorary members from SIDA and CENTEK.

Executive Board