KEY DATES FOR REDWIM ACTIVITIES – Coordinated by Fabiola Amariles

  • 2011 – Appointment of the Executive Board; coordination F. A.
  • 2011-2013 – Activities to obtain REDWIM’s legal personality.
  • 2013  (October) – The Constitutive Document for the “NETWORK OF LATIN AMERICAN AND CARIBBEAN WOMEN IN ORGANIZATION MANAGEMENT” ASSOCIATION is signed in San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • 2014 (April) – RedWIM received a USD 15,000 grant as the winner of the equity-focused and gender-sensitive innovation contest organized by EvalPartners-IOCE. Winning project: “Developing a network and a virtual gender program about evaluation based on skills.” The goal was to form a group of 20-30 women and men from different disciplines and various sectors in LAC as agents for equal opportunities. The purpose was creating, applying and collectively defending the use of innovative methods to introduce a gender perspective in policy and program evaluation as a key factor for transformation and performance quality. CLEAR-LAC completed this grant, sponsoring and hosting the course, as well as financing scholarships for the participants.
  • 2014 (September) – “International Meeting for Evaluation and Public Policies: An Approach Based on Gender Equality, Diversity and Human Rights.” Cali, Colombia, September 18-20, 2014.
    Educational workshops: September 17, 2014.
    – Pontificia Universidad Javeriana – Cali
    – Universidad del Valle – Cali
    – Universidad Santiago de Cali
    – UN Women – New York and Colombia
    – ECLAC – Chile and Colombia
    – Evaluation Unit – University of Chile
  • 2015  (July-August) , on-line course “From Conventions to Innovations: Change Agents to Promote a Gender-Based Approach in Evaluations.” 33 participants from 13 Latin American countries. 29 completed the course (12% dropouts).
  • 2015 (November) – Participation of RedWIM (Fabiola Amariles) in Kathmandu, Nepal, in the creation of EvalGender+, a global consortium for the inclusion of gender-based and social equality-based approach in evaluations, as part of EvalPartners. RedWIM has kept its position in EvalGender+ Management Group ever since.
  • 2015 (November) – In the context of EvalGender+ launch, representatives of three evaluation associations (RedWIM, RELAC and EES) prepared the “Decalogue of Evaluation from a Gender Perspective” draft, which has been adding feedback from various international forums and has been the basis for other skill development initiatives on this subject in EvalGender+ group.
  • 2016 (March) – High-profile event – “Leave no one behind” – Equity-Based and Gender-Sensitive SDG Evaluation”. RedWIM participation in the following program:
    High-profile panel: Enabling the environment for equity-based and gender-sensitive SDG evaluation.
    Technical seminar: “Toward an equity-focused and gender-sensitive framework to evaluate SDG.
    Meeting of EvalGender+ Management Group
  • 2016 (April-December)Actions for the formation of the Global South-South interregional cooperation group (LAC, Africa and Southern Asia) to design the project: “Developing a culturally relevant syllabus on transformative gender evaluation based on best practices: a South-South cooperation.
  • 2016 (December) – Signature of a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Project Agreement among the Network of Latin American and Caribbean Women in Organizational Management (RedWIM), the Community of Evaluators South Asia (CoE-SA), and the African Gender and Development Evaluation Network (AGDEN). RedWIM took fiscal responsibility for this project, which amounted to USD 14,000 for 8 months, until July, 2017 (later extended to December, 2017).
  • 2017 (February) – Regional Workshop in Cordoba, Argentina: “Collaboratively Outlining a Proposal for Latin America”, as part of the P2P Project “Developing a Culturally Sensitive Curriculum on Transformative Gender Evaluation Based on Best Practices: A Global South-South Cooperation.” Ten participants from Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, and Argentina, along with the University of Cordoba and its staff as the host.
  • 2017 (March)– Participation in the African Network Conference of AfrEA – Uganda, Africa, through the panel “Evaluations for transformation: What skills are required to approach gender power issues in several cultural contexts? – Lessons from Latin America.
  • 2017 (March)– Meeting with evaluators from Global South in Uganda, Africa, within the context of AfrEA Conference – This meeting was organized by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and called evaluation associations and experts from Global South to discuss potential merits and cooperation opportunities. The call was developed based on the premise that evaluators from around the world, but particularly in the global South, share a strong feeling of discontent regarding the current evaluation profession. The source of such discontent is caused, firstly, by the perception that most of the evaluation theory and practice often implemented in the global South is largely based on a philosophical paradigm of the global North, overwhelmingly emphasizing responsibility to donors instead of understanding what works well in different contexts and what can be learned from such interventions. This is translated into evaluations declaring the success of a project, even when there is no receptor necessarily obtaining any benefit. Secondly, there was a shared perception that the work done in the South rarely receives adequate recognition or publicity in the world scenario, or a fair or adequate representation in subject-related journals.
  • 2017 (April)Bishkek, Kirghizstan –EvalPartners Global Evaluation Forum III, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: Transforming Our World Through Evaluation: Commitments and Associations for The Better World We Want.
  • 2017 (November)American Evaluation Association’s Annual Conference (AEA) in Washington, DC, USA – Panel: “Developing a culturally relevant syllabus on transformative gender evaluation based on best practices: a global South-South collaboration.
  • 2017 (December)RELAC (Latin America and the Caribbean Network for Monitoring, Evaluation and Systematization) Joint Conference of Evaluation Associations and IDEAS (International Evaluation Network for Development) in Guanajuato, Mexico. Connections with EvalYouth, Evallndigenous, panel on P2P Project, meeting with EvalGender+ and EvalYouth.
  • 2018 (October)Participation in EES Conference (European Evaluation Society). Panel on South-South P2P Project, joint lectures by Evalgender+ and EvalYouth.
  • 2018 (April–September)P2P Project extension to draw up publications and reports regarding interregional experience – USD 7,500 for the three regions – Publication of the report about experiences in the three regions and the LAC report, together with the Competence Profile document.
    See links below for publications in Spanish and English:

KEY DATES FOR REDWIM ACTIVITIES – Coordinated by Solange Grandjean

  • 2016 – Appointment of the new Executive Board: coordination Solange Grandjean, Adriana Alonso, Sara Ortíz, Alicia Arias and Alma Hernández Ruiz.
  • 2016-2018– Actions to transfer funds from Costa Rica, where there are no longer members, to Uruguay/Argentina. Closure in October, 2018.
  • 2016 – 2018– Agreement with ESQUEL Foundation for delivering WEBINARS by RedWIM experts. One of our goals at RedWIM is seeking the work and professional development and promotion of our members. With this vision, by mid-2016 we issued a call, exclusively for members, to submit proposals for seminars to be held in the “Program of RedWIM Virtual Forums-Webinars” for all Latin America and the Caribbean.
    This project was implemented with the cooperation agreement signed between RedWIM and the Civil Society Organizations Foster Program of Esquel Foundation, through the Latin American Center of Collective Intelligence-EsquelCLIC, who supplied the platform and technical support.
    From 2016 to this date, 19 videoconferences were carried out without interruptions, with approximately 60,000 views in Latin America.
  • 2018 (March)– W20 Argentina. W20 Argentina. RedWIM participation in W20, which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where 3 members led working groups: Lidia Heler in the “Access to decision making” panel, Alejandra García Martínez in the “Unequal division of domestic chores and caregiving tasks” panel, and Solange Grandjean as a coordinator of the Meeting in UTEDYC facilities. In addition, several Argentine members participated in the event: Milena Higuera Parra and Graciela de Oto.
  • 2018 Support to “Robotito: IT for teenagers” project, in charge of member Marisabel Rodriguez.
  • 2018 (October) The Network of Latin American and Caribbean Women in Organization Management/RedWIM takes part in the 24th Meeting of Fundación Compromiso about “Gender: the paradigm has changed. How does this impact on organizations?”
  • 2018 (October) W20Argentina “Mind the Gap”. Four RedWIM members were invited to the closure of W20 at the CCK, Argentina, to take part in the conclusions.
  • 2018 Meeting in Medellin, Colombia (November) – Equipaz Seal with Medellin Municipal Government. RedWIM met with Icontec International to discuss strategies to implement Equity and Good Gender Practices seals. Participants: Laura Londoño (Municipal Government of Medellin), Walter Bustamante (Gender Technician), Nancy Yañez Fuenzalida (Head of Human Rights Center at University of Chile), Solange Grandjean (President of the Network of Latin American and Caribbean Women in Organization Management/RedWIM, Argentina), Adriana Alonso (Head of Icontec), and Sandra Gallego (Icontec Medellin).
  • 2018 (November)– International Forum in Quito, Ecuador.
    On November 16, 2018, with the aim of promoting the role of entrepreneur women and their positive impact on the country, the Conexión Azul network organized an International Forum in the city of Quito, named: Women, Innovation and High Impact: “Undertaking a new story”.
    The event highlighted the role of professional and entrepreneur women, the power of networking, and the “EQUIPAZ” Seal of Labor Equity was discussed. The main subject focused on high-impact innovation, including the statistical analysis of the situation of entrepreneur women in Ecuador. There was a panel called “The adventure of dreaming: Entrepreneur women”, exposing the situation of entrepreneur women in Ecuador and a Discussion Board called “Innovating with high impact.” RedWIM supported the event through the participation of Board Members in different conferences about the subjects above. More than 80 women participated in the Forum, representing different entrepreneur networks in all the country, among which the Red de Mujeres Directivas (Executive Women Network) stands out for carrying out a simultaneous event in the city of Cuenca, and joining the event via Facebook Live.
    Additionally, this event became the adequate scenario for signing mutual Cooperation Agreements among Conexión Azul, RedWIM and Red de Mujeres Directivas networks.
  • 2018 Start of actions towards an on-site meeting celebrating REDWIM’s 20th foundation anniversary.
  • 2018 (December 5)– Meeting celebrating 70 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. RedWIM was present, represented by Solange Grandjean, as a panelist in the abovementioned meeting, held in Borges Room in the National Library, organized by the Argentine Ombudsman’s Office.
  • 2018 (December 17) UN Women Argentina: WIN-WIN Program: RedWIM took part in the working groups of UN WOMEN in the Win-Win Program: Gender equality is good business. Presentation of the “Win-Win: Gender equality is good business” program objectives. The program was a joint effort between UN Women and the International Labor Organization (ILO), in partnership with the European Union. The program promotes the business case for gender equality through the private sector with the purpose of enhancing women’s economic empowerment and leadership as the basis for sustainable, inclusive and fair growth, and the commitment and capabilities of the public and private actors to drive organizational change as to gender equality and women empowerment. In line with the European Union objectives and the mandates of UN Women and the ILO, the program will highlight and advocate for gender equality in business, supporting workers, companies, and employer organizations from six countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Uruguay), and addressing gender inequality faced by women in their workplace.
  • 2019 Website redesign
    RedWIM’s website was redesigned with a more updated layout, reorganizing the content and structure, and the logo was updated, synthesizing morphology and updating the font.
  • 2019 International Meeting for RedWIM’s 20 years
    The International Meeting “Experiences in gender equality in organizations: innovation and sustainability perspectives” was organized and held on August 26 at Universidad Javeriana de Cali, Colombia. The meeting was the framework for the celebration of RedWIM’s 20th anniversary.
    Report: 2019-08 Report: International Meeting “Experiences in gender equality”
  • 2019 RedWIM Empowerment Workshop
    The empowerment workshop was carried out by RedWIM using the Design Thinking methodology: “20 years, a look towards the future.”
    Informe: 2019-08 Report: Empowerment Workshop